2004 Rule Change Proposal

Author: David Paraskevas
APBA #: 10782

Date: 9/25/04

Note: Proposals must be submitted to the Inboard Chairman by October 1 ,2004 to be considered. Save and E-mail completed form to ; robin.shane@verizon.net

Check all that apply:

General Safety Rule
General Racing Rule                     X
Stock Class Technical Rule
Modified Class Technical Rule

Effected Class: Jersey Speed Skiff

Specific Rule Information:

Rule number:                 Rule 39 - CLASS RACING INFORMATION;
                                                    39.2 Runabout Classes
Page number of rule:     Page 31

Effected Rule:

39.2 Runabout Classes: age; Jersey Speed Skiff

Proposed rule:

Lower minimum age requirement for Jersey Speed Skiff riding mechanic from the current 16 yr old restriction to 14 yr old.

Reason for change:

With mandatory use of seat belts and roll cages in JSS class, it would seem that if fourteen year olds are permitted to DRIVE a 1.5 Litre Stock Hydro, they should be permitted to RIDE in a Jersey Speed Skiff.