2004 Rule Change Proposal

Author: David Paraskevas
APBA #: 10782

Date: 9/25/04

Note: Proposals must be submitted to the Inboard Chairman by October 1 ,2004 to be considered. Save and E-mail completed form to ; robin.shane@verizon.net

Check all that apply:

General Safety Rule
General Racing Rule                    X
Stock Class Technical Rule
Modified Class Technical Rule

Effected Class: All Stock Classes

Specific Rule Information:

Rule number:               Rule 26 - RECORDS
Page number of rule:    Page 24

Effected Rule:


Proposed rule:

Add new section following section 26.4 and renumber subsequent sections accordingly.

New section to read as follows:

In the Jersey Speed Skiff Class, competition and/or straightaway records that remain unbroken longer than five years from the date set shall be retired and a new record of it's type will be established. Retired records will be added to an All Time Records listing noting the time period that the record stood. Defending straightaway record holders of retired records will automatically qualify for straightaway record attempts to establish a new record without having to place third or better in a competition heat providing their equipment conforms to all current rules.

Reason for change:

In a restricted stock class, such as the Jersey Speed Skiff class, records are dictated by the rules governing the class at the time. Since speeds are restricted by the rules, records can not be bettered until a rule change warrants an increase. Since it is the intention of this class to keep speeds below a certain threshold, records should be awarded based on time periods. Five years allows ample opportunity to further a record as much as possible without causing a stagnation due to having a mark that is unobtainable because of rule changes that dictate speed. This is standard practice for NHRA records and it is recommended that both APBA and UIM be encouraged to recognize these and all Jersey Speed Skiff records accordingly should this proposal become the rule.