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Hello and THANKS for stopping by to check out this new web site. Every attempt was made to make your visit here enjoyable and informative. Hoping it is, your invited to come back often as many updates and additions are planned.


The idea for this site was conceived three or maybe four years ago but up until now it had only an occasional AOL web page. As I sit here writing this as the final page being made before uploading to the server, I can't help but think that I hope this all works. Construction of this site began in earnest over six weeks ago figuring it would be done in a week, a gross under estimation. Although there were times I had to leave work on the site for another day due to business obligations, here it is six weeks later with at least the beginnings of a site. If nothing else it's helped me gain respect for those who build web sites for a living.

The site is no where near complete and not even close to what it's intend it to be. Some areas are not yet functioning and there are pages that are incomplete or minus the additional pictures that were planned to be added. Plans now are to complete those pages for the next update. The JSM Catalog is especially lacking. Beside the many parts that aren't listed, many detailed descriptions are missing on the parts that are listed and pricing for the most items has not been added, but at least there's some pictures. Please note that at this time the HISTORY section is not operating.

In general, it's nothing real fancy but I hope there's at least enough content of interest on the site to start with so that your visit will last longer than five minutes.


As this is a first attempt at a real website, comments and criticisms on ease of navigation, page loading, picture size or anything that you might find annoying as you travel through the site is requested and encouraged. Every attempt was made in the creation of this site to make it as enjoyable and user friendly as possible so please feel free to comment on anything you don't like or feel needs to be improved. Please address your comments to: webmaster@jerseyspeedskiffs.com


Everything on this site is from material that was already on hand. This may leave the impression of the site being one sided. This was NOT the intent. There is more material on hand to be added, but it is limited. Therefore I'm requesting contributions. There are no restrictions as to the type of boats, manufactures, drivers, races, etc., as long as it involves Jersey Speed Skiffs or inboard racing type runabouts. Any and all contributions will be duly credited. If you have material you would like to allow us to published on this site please contact the webmaster at: webmaster@jerseyspeedskiffs.com


In doing the Gallery section accuracy was a major consideration. Although some facts are from my first hand knowledge, most of what is written is based on research and can be backed up by documentation, part of the reason this site took longer than expected to make. Even so mistakes can be made, especially where facts based on memory are concerned, so if there are any corrections or clarifications you feel need to be addressed please let me know by emailing me at: sked@jerseyspeedskiffs.com


This, the first edition of Sked Says is I hope just one of many yet to come. In future editions, if nothing else I will at least be noting the changes and additions to the site and will provide links to the pages where these changes have taken place, therefore making it easier to view changes and new additions without having to search the whole site to find them.

News and information regarding events and happenings that are relayed to me will also be posted on this page.

I also hope to be able to write some articles based on my years of involvement with Speed Skiffs and boat racing in general and relay to you some interesting stories regarding the boats and the people involved with them. I may find that this takes more creativity than I can muster right away so don't expect this to happen soon or for that matter very often but it is something I would like to do as I have more than a few stories to tell. At this time, finishing the web site and especially the parts pages is my top priority.

Last but not least, I plan on using this as an editorial page, a soapbox for airing my views and opinions, dispelling myths and rumors, and updating you on what's going on behind the scenes in regard to Jersey Speed Skiffs and in the world of Inboard Runabout Racing. If you don't care to read this you can just skip to the site updates/additions and news parts.


Anyone wishing to write me directly can email me at: sked@jerseyspeedskiffs.com

Let me once again take this opportunity to welcome you to jerseyspeedskiffs.com and thank you for visiting. I hope you feel compelled to bring your friends and please stop back often.


This page was last updated: 02/14/03

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